Hockey Themed Movies

Here is a short list of hockey movies... in no particular order after my favorite, Slapshot!

Slapshot - One of the funniest sports movies of all time!  It is raunchy, hilarious, and stars Paul Newman.

Miracle - The story of the U.S.A Olympic team that won gold in 1980, starring Kurt Russell.

Mystery, Alaska - Locals from a small town (Mystery, Alaska) host a televised game against the NY Rangers.

The Mighty Ducks - Disney does hockey... starring Emilio Esteves as the coach. (D2 and D3 - sequels)

Youngblood - Cocky kid arrives in Juniors and finds that it is not easy... starring Rob Lowe and Patick Swayze.

The Rocket - Dark portrayal of Henri "the Rocket" Richard.

Sudden Death - A terrorist threatens to blow up a full arena during the Stanley Cup playoffs... starring Jean Claude VanDamme and a slew of NHL players.

The Cutting Edge - A hockey player suffers a devastating injury and ends up teaming up with a figure skater... starring D.B. Sweeney.

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